Still working on Part 1! Thanks for your patience!

I’ve finished thumbnailing* my entire reworked Part 1 and it turns out it won’t be just 6 pages as planned, but 10! With 4 pages just published over the past couple of weeks, I set myself the goal of publishing 3 more pages next week and the last 3 the week after that.

I am aware that the story is not moving forward, as I am reworking the very beginning, yet I am so happy about how this rewriting is coming along, that I am actually very hopeful it will be worth the wait. Shanti and Sekhmet are being fleshed out much more and I am certain you will find them more compelling and intriguing than before. So, please bear with me while I complete this project and stay tuned for the continuation of the story! Won’t be long!

As a final note, with the addition of the news pages, you may find the navigation a little off. Blame it on WordPress, it won’t allow me to move pages around easily at all. I’m planning on fixing that as I rework my website, too.

Thanks for your continuous support to the one true infection!

*Outlining each panel very sketchily, along with all dialogs

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