Help me win a contest!

Fellow readers, bloggers and random people who just stumbled upon my site!  Here’s an announcement for you!

I will be slightly late with my next update (but don’t worry, I won’t be too late), because I’ve been busy with a comic contest on, an Italian comic hosting site. The rules are simple: create a story of exactly 3 pages, focused on current events, with deep characters in a believable setting, and give it a punch-to-the-gut ending. Importantly, the story should get people to think.

You can see my comic here, along with its translation (not much to translate, really…). If you like it, please vote for me, by going to my contest page, and clicking on the green hand. The contest ends on 29 February, so please make sure to vote before the deadline!


Thank you very much for your great help! If I win, I will make a special drawing to celebrate with all of you!

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