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Welcome to the March newsletter!

Comics (current)

The Green-Eyed Sniper continues with a bit of a change in tone. I wanted Shanti and Sekhmet to really lighten up some, after the constant drama, so the last two pages have been a bit more on the silly side, although still focused on very dramatic events. Enjoy these pages here and here!

Meanwhile, in Forever Yours, the mysterious golden locket is finally starting to reveal more. Check it out on the latest page.

Comics (upcoming)

While I am confirming the first story for Orion and the Spawn from Hell debuting in April, I am canceling The Pa(r)tly Animal originally planned for this month. This comic is another pilot story, but it contains a couple of spoilers that I do not want to give away. So, perhaps you will see The Pa(r)tly Animal in the future, or perhaps not. At the moment, this is not a priority to me.

Polls update

The February poll is still open, but the results seem pretty clear. My dear readers, you want to see my comics in color. Well, the good news is that you will! The bad news is that I can’t color for the life of me. So, I am now taking a course on coloring with Photoshop, and will start posting the results next month. I am looking forward to your feedback!

New sections being added soon

Understandably, the NSFW section for fan art has enjoyed quite a bit of attention, given the sexual images and the beautiful execution 🙂 I can promise more NSFW, sexual content myself directly in my comics. You just have to be patient.

A new section for my characters will be added this month. You will have more background information on Shanti, Sekhmet, Blitz and Assistant. Make sure to check back often!

Blogs to check out

I was paid a visit and given a like by Ash Bartlett-Needham. If you like cute (and anxious) penguins and fun dinosaurs, check out her comics on her blog!

That’s all for this month!

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