April newsletter!

Welcome back! Exciting news are on the way

Comics (current)

The Green-Eyed Sniper marches on! Check out the latest page, if you haven’t done so, yet. It’s the beginning of a very important flashback in time that will focus on how it all began, while giving a deeper look into most characters. Assistant and Blitz will very likely surprise you!

I also added a new page for my characters with a lot of cool info, like their full names, a short bio, a description of their personality, and their relationship with other characters. Other fun info is their height – marvel at Assistant’s gigantic  9′ 10″ (3.4 m)!

Finally, Forever Yours has concluded! I really hope you enjoyed this short horror story written by Amalockh1 and drawn by me. If you haven’t read it, yet, check it out! It’s really worth it.

Comics (upcoming)

As promised, Orion and the Spawn from Hell will debut on 29 April! Childfree folks, get ready!

Poop news

Alas, even if I had 95 votes (10 more than the winner), I didn’t win the Contest Feneon. But that’s understandable. The jury claimed they were looking for something uplifting, and I guess that helping stalkers commit suicide before they kill their women and children wasn’t uplifting enough Thank you very much for your votes, anyway!

Cool news

I can’t close with bad news, now, can I? So, here’s a study of Major Dagmar Andersen, a very important character that will appear in Infected Blood, my superlong comic starting this summer. I hope you like her!


See you in May!

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