Orion and the Spawn from Hell – Episode 1

Today a new comic debuts! Orion and the Spawn from Hell – A Childfree Comic is a project I created after discovering the Childfree subreddit and the horror stories posted there.

Let me be very clear: I do not hate children. I just don’t want any. If people could avoid passing judgement on those who do not want children, we wouldn’t need such a subreddit, and this comic would have no reason to exist. But society assumes that we are all born to breed and not wanting to have children brands us as being selfish, suspicious, mean, and mentally disturbed. So, resist we must! Coming together in a childfree subreddit, sharing our stories, and having our own comic helps us resist!

The title of the series is inspired to Orion, an awesome dog by subredditor eleanor85. Orion is a service dog for the elderly and was smeared with green slime by a child who thought that would be fun (we disagree). Who’s the spawn from hell? But of course it’s us, the abomination known as the childfree people! πŸ™‚

This series seeks to breathe even more humor into our childfree stories via comic art. One complete, true story from the Childfree subreddit will inspire each episode and appear roughly every four months. The basic story will be slightly changed for artistic purposes, but it will stay as faithful as possible to its very core.

The first episode is based off GraysAnatomeee ‘s story, which you can read here. I entitled it God’s (Expensive) Plan. I really hope you enjoy it! Feel free to share it, and to leave comments!

The next story will appear this summer. Keep watching my website for the release date!


10 thoughts on “Orion and the Spawn from Hell – Episode 1

  1. I’m CF myself (am on the subreddit too), and this really hits hard-despite the fact that my sister likely won’t be breeding (she’s mentally 2, but the same shit happens). Even funnier with the halo/horns aesthetic, not just because people make breeders out to be perfect citizens and CF folk to be evil, but also because angels often have wings and the stereotypical devil usually doesn’t-one fandom has a sect of people who shit all over non-winged characters. My friend’s character isn’t winged and has developed a terrible inferiority complex in relation to it. So there’s a bit of a double-meaning going on, which is interesting.

    • Thanks a lot for your comment, Derphina! I am really glad you enjoyed the physical characterization of the CF people vs. the breeders. I purposely left out the wings, because I thought the horns and halos conveyed the message efficiently on their own.

      I’m curious about the fandom you mention, would you mind sharing a link?

      My deepest understanding about being a CF in a breeders’ world! Resistance is the way to go!

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