May newsletter

Welcome to this month’s newsletter! As always, lots of cool stuff for your viewing pleasure!

My website navigation has improved!

A couple of weeks ago, I opened a poll about my website’s ease of navigation. I am aware that there are a couple of basic problems with it: it’s a tad hard to find out how to read my comics in chronological order and I’m missing an RSS feed. Well, both problems have gone!

You may now access all my comics from the main menu at the top of my website, and they will display in reversed chronological order, that is, in the correct reading order, from Page 1 on. You can also go straight to any chapter (for example, Part 2 of The Green-Eyed Sniper) from that same menu, and you will see the pages for that chapter in the correct order as well.

I also have an RSS feed! You can see it on the right-hand side of each page of my website. Click on the button to see the complete feed and to subscribe to it (NOTE: the image is broken and it appears as an odd square reading F413. I checked with WordPress, it’s a bug on their side – but the link works). Or you may access it directly here.

As a final note, although I would gladly have the traditional First, Previous, Next and Latest buttons linked to each page of my comics, this is currently not possible with the theme I am using for WordPress. Although I am aware that there is a theme specifically designed for comics (I even used it for a while), featuring these buttons, that theme also comes with a bunch of other limitations that just don’t do it for me.

I really hope you will enjoy this improved navigation! Please, feel free to use the comments section to let me know if you are still not completely happy with it. I’ll do my best to make your navigation life easier

Comics (current)

The Green-Eyed Sniper resumes on Monday, after a short hiatus. Alas, I had to skip a single page update due to a rather bad flu (that’s what I get for the ever-changing weather and not wearing a heavier jacket), but now I’m back on my feet! Sekhmet continues her backstory on how she met Shanti and Blitz. Assistant shines through as the adorable oddball she is. I really hope you are enjoying the contrast between this robot and her master, because it’s something I am particularly fond of. Need to catch up? Check out the latest page!

Orion and the Spawn from Hell debuted last week and it was a blast! I had a deluge of visitors from the /r/childfree subreddit and received a lot of positive feedback, both there and on my website. I am very happy about the enthusiasm with which the comic has been received, and I thank each and every single one of you for your support! The next episode will appear in the summer.

Help me win a contest!

I am unrepentant! I entered a new contest called #disegnamiunadonna (which means “draw a woman for me”) and I need your votes! This is my entry. Please, vote for me by clicking on the green hand you will find above the drawing! Thanks

Comics (upcoming)

As I wrap up The Green-Eyed Sniper (around September), I will breathe new life into a very long comic called Infected Blood, debuting in September/October. I am very excited about this comic, because it’s been in the making for a very long time and it actually has been the basis for GES!

You already saw Dagmar Andersen in the April newsletter, a new character from this new comic, in the past. Here’s another study of Sekhmet! Yes, she will definitely be in my new comic


I will release character studies and world building in the upcoming months. Stay tuned for more!

Have a great May!

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