Part 3 – Page 35

The story so far: Sekhmet is a former officer of the Kemet-Ra army and a war criminal. She is secretly in love with her friend Shanti. A special nurse and, apparently, a pacifist, Shanti has a secret of her own: she is an assassin. As Sekhmet ends up on Shanti’s hit list, their relationship becomes rather complicated… Interested? Read from the beginning! 🙂



6 thoughts on “Part 3 – Page 35

  1. OHHH SNAP. That is definitely who I think it is. And ooooo boy, lots of fun via Kemet Ra.

    I still want to facepalm at Sekhmet…she’s bizarrely resourceful.


    • Yes, that’s probably who you think it is 😀 It will be even clearer on the next page!

      And yes, Sekhmet is… well, “bizarre” and “resourceful” are both good descriptions for her!

      Thanks for stopping by, Spell!


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