June Newsletter

Welcome! Let’s get straight into action πŸ™‚

Comics (current)

The Green-Eyed Sniper marches on. Sekhmet continues her story about how she first met Shanti and Blitz, and so far things have been rather horrible for her. If you haven’t read the latest page, go for it and don’t ever take her as a model on how to take a job interview! If you are new to the comic, read from the beginning. Happy reading!


Did you try your luck, yet? You have until 30 June to guess the hieroglyph! Don’t miss your chance to get the Green-Eyed Sniper’s July updates 3 days before their publication dates πŸ™‚

Comics (upcoming)

I have now thumbnailed the entire prologue and 75% of Chapter 1 of Infected Blood. I have also been working on some concept art for Dagmar’s father, General Soren Andersen, but I am not happy enough with it to share anything, yet. For now my focus is on thumbnailing/fleshing out the story and keep working on my coloring. Speaking of which, I am finally making progress with my online course and I’m quite certain I will have my first colored pages ready soon!

I am also working on an anthology called Dynamic Spores that will debut sometime by the end of the month and will update likely once a season. It’s an anthology of short horror stories that have little to no dialog. The first story is entitled Love Kills at Coffee Break, and it’s a comic I created for a contest, earlier this year, so you might have seen it. But the following stories will be brand new. I already thumbnailed 50% of my next comic, which will be tentatively entitled Ngiahmwise. What is this, you probably wonder? Well, it’s a Pingelapese nickname that I was given by a Pingelapese young woman a few years ago. It means “mosquito teeth” and it is given to people who are constantly bitten by mosquitoes. Alas, I am one of them!

Other news

As expected I didn’t win the contest #disegnamiunadonna πŸ™‚ The winner is a drawing of a woman holding a child. How obvious is that? Once again, let’s spread the word that a real woman is nothing but a female individual carrying children! It’s only 2016, after all.

I guess that’s all! Enjoy the end of spring/beginning of the summer and see you in July πŸ™‚

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