Part 3 – Page 42

Today, Sekhmet tells more lies mixed with truth and we learn about Blitz’s name.

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4 thoughts on “Part 3 – Page 42

  1. I guess that in this world, most people have stuff that they’d prefer to hide. As Miau says, Blitz could easily be misrepresenting her background. Appreciate that you’re saying she’s not but like Sekh, she’s only just met this other person and had a very different view of Sekh just now. Bleak world isnt it!

  2. “Blitz” doesn’t really sound peaceful 😉
    But yes, seems she got some darn luck there o.O

    Of course I can’t tell if her story is entirely true, who knows, she could be lying a lot as well ..?

    • That’s a very good point, but Blitz is actually quite honest and hates lies. In fact, she’s about to do something not exactly correct which she will regret on her own within a split second 🙂

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