July Newsletter

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I am now opening a section containing reviews/critiques of my work! The first review is for The Green-Eyed Sniper and it’s from WintreKitty. You may read it here. I believe it’s spot-on on all counts, and I’m quite flattered of her positive remarks on my writing

I am also always looking for critiques and/or reviews: if you would like to do one for any of my comics, please do so. Once your review/critique is ready, just send me an email and I will link back to it: [email protected].

BTW, I take negative critiques/reviews as well! Everyone is entitled to their own opinions: the only thing I’m asking for is to motivate your thoughts, rather than just hurling insults or flying candies and cookies

Comics (current)

GES continues with Sekhmet’s flashback into her first meeting with Shanti and, mostly, Blitz. It’s a tale of truth and lies. If you are interested in finding out which is which… read Infected Blood, debuting in February 2017!

Missed the latest page? Catch up here. Wanna read from the beginning? Go for it.


Nobody won Guess the Hieroglyph #1! The solution is simple: the meaning of this hieroglyph:





is… “door”! The modern/computer transliteration is aA, which sounds more or less like ha-ha, like a short laughter

I’ll launch soon a new contest!

Comics (upcoming)

I finished thumbnailing about 35 pages of Infected Blood and wrote the prologue and the first 5 chapters! I’m also making slow progress in learning how to color and I’m working on concept art for my characters. Here are a couple of quick sketches of Dagmar and Alex/Sekhmet. And one of Soren Andersen, Dagmar’s father He loves his daughter to pieces.

Finally, I have added a separate page for the concept art of Infected Blood. Check it out!



Lesbian blogs promotion

As you probably saw, I am now very pleased to promote lesbian blogs and websites on Infected Blood Comics! If you wish to submit your site/blog (or that of a friend), either shoot me an email at [email protected] or use the form below. Don’t forget to say why I should promote your work of love! It doesn’t have to be a huge description or anything super-special, it just helps me understand what the content of it is. There is also no limit as to where your site/blog is hosted on. It can be WordPress.com or elsewhere – again, I am looking for content, and not specific hosting servers

Content: In general, I will accept any blog/site that belongs to a lesbian (or a lesbian couple or a group of lesbians), as long as it’s lesbian-themed. No need to be a comic! It can be about your life and how happy or sad you are, your struggles with health issues or your daily joys, your novels/stories/fanfict/whathaveyou, your reviews of movies/series, your own movies/series… Anything, really.

I will promote a maximum of 3 sites/blogs each month in my newsletter: if the number of submissions exceeds the limit for any given month, I will push your promotion to the next month. Sounds good? Send your suggestions away!

And if I run into a site that I really like, I’ll promote it for you and let you know Sounds good?

Here are the very first blogs I’m promoting!


Home of the bibliomanic writer by Kathy L Salt

Reasons for promoting Kathy’s blog in the author’s own words:

My blog contains lesfic short stories, thoughts about writing in general and my struggles to get published. I’d love if you could promote my site since I’d love to share my writing with more people. And yes, I’m very much a lesbian.

Reasons why I am promoting Kathy’s blog:

The very first post I read from Kathy’s blog was this and it blew me away. Just look at the synopsis of her novel, State of Emergency:

Sweden, Present Day: Idun Tyr receives a warning from her sister, and army lieutenant, telling her to hide and not come out no matter what she hears. By the time she re-emerges, the world has changed. Her phone has no signal, the internet and televisions aren’t working, and her town is empty of people. Everyone is gone. She sets out to find her missing girlfriend, Mercedes and embarks on a long journey, learning to survive in this new reality. A dystopian lesbian novel about a country torn apart by a vicious disease, following three women on different sides: military, vigilante and prisoner.

How could I not be interested in a novel like this? It’s sci-fi, it shows three different sides of the same dystopian Sweden (I adore Sweden, so secular and cool), it’s focused on lesbians! And it’s self-published! This excited me to no end, and I hope I’ll have a chance at reading it. Here’s a bit more about Kathy, in her own words:

I’m Kathy, a book reading, story writing, primary school teacher, and lesbian based in Sweden.

While reading more books than I have time for, and working on getting published, I enjoy writing shorter stories, cooking, playing video games and spending time with my wife and our two dogs.

So, what are you waiting for? Follow Kathy and buy her book!


Koeksisters by Jo AKA Koeksister

Reasons why I am promoting Jo’s blog:

This blog belongs to a South-African lesbian from Cape Town and it’s all about badassery and connecting the local Koeksister community! This is a very important blog, because it’s hard to find LGBT resources in Cape Town. In Jo’s own words:

I initially started this project because you can’t Google queer Cape Town for shit, and because this city rocks and the women in it rock even harder. This blog gives me the perfect excuse to explore the inspirational universes that exist within the Mother City and collaborate with Koeksisters like you.

Women in Cape Town can connect in different ways. Here are some:

• Interwebs
Seen something cool online that you’re dying to share? Send me the link and a way to credit you for finding that nugget of gold.

• Badass B*tches
Know a strong, inspiring woman who’d like to share her story? Hook me up!

• Do It
Is there a hot queer event on in Cape Town that I should know about? Give me the details and I’ll spread the word.

And my favorite ones, because they are very original:

• Voice
Know your way round a keyboard? Pitch me a blog post idea and add your voice to the mix.

• Mixtape
Put together a cool album on 8Tracks or MixCloud, or found one you’d like to share? Send it on over!

Isn’t this awesome? Read how you can connect to/contribute in full here. Be brave and connect with all your Koeksisters!


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