August newsletter

Welcome to my August newsletter, where you will find updates on my current and upcoming comics, a new poll, a (restored) QA section, and four lesbian blogs I am promoting for this month. Let’s get to it

Current comics

The Green-Eyed Sniper is now at a turning point: Sekhmet finishes her story about her first encounter with Blitz and how Blitz protected her for a couple of years, even if she knew about Sekhmet’s past as a war criminal. How will Shanti react to these news?

If you missed the latest page, go read it here.

First-time reader? You’re in for a story that will blow you away – at least, that’s the idea! Read it from the beginning!

GES is finally on TvTropes! This is a very fun place to check out, because it has a growing list of tropes for the comic. One of my favorite is Robosexual, and it has to do with the strange relationship between Sekhmet and Assistant… but I also love Badass Lesbian and Cast Full of Gay! Check it out for fun trivias you won’t find on my website or elsewhere and, if you wish, add more tropes for it.

I am also very pleased to announce that you may read GES in a comic online magazine called StArtFaire! It begins on issue #5 and updates monthly, 10 pages at a time. Start reading Part 1 here.

Finally, I was invited to publish my comics on a new site called My Trending Stories. You may find my very first article here. That’s one more place where you can follow me

Upcoming comics

Although this past month I didn’t have time to work on more concept art (I am focusing on finishing the last pages for GES), I wrote a complete new chapter for Infected Blood. I am getting more and more excited about this project and I can’t wait to finally get to the proverbial drawing board.


Talking about my upcoming title, I would like to hear from you how often you would like me update it, so please, take the poll below. BTW, if you click on Other, please leave me a comment to specify how often you would like me to update. Also, feel free to leave any other comments in the provided space.

News/updates on the site

I restored my Ask a Question section! In it, you can ask a question to me , Shanti and/or Sekhmet. Go ahead, don’t be shy. We certainly won’t be when answering

Lesbian blogs promotion

This month, I am promoting four lesbian blogs. Two deal with really deep lesbian, sex and gender issues. The other two are personal blogs focused on the difficult, yet liberating, coming-out process. Here they are!


Saye Bennett by Saye Bennett

Why am promoting Saye’s blog?

First off, I don’t know how I missed this lady all these years. She’s a smart, articulate psychologist and a lesbian feminist very keen on transgenderism issues (to be fair, she doesn’t focus just on those, but that’s what struck me the most). Before you jump to conclusions, she is not a supporter of transgenderism. She’s one of the still far-and-between voices speaking against it, and she does so with compelling arguments.

What mostly interested me is that she urges transgenders wanting to transition to be truly given a chance at understanding what this entitles: she argues that changing a person’s body and brain chemistry via hormones and surgery is very often seen as the panacea to all problems, but it’s actually a very traumatizing process involving much physical and psychological pain and suffering. She calls for psychologists and psychiatrists to “do no harm” and to avoid diagnosing transgenderism without a thorough assessment (which, currently, is NOT the case).

You can read her main arguments here and make your own opinion. Saye is very approachable and always happy to have a conversation with people who disagree with her, so, if you are interested in these issues, I strongly suggest you to leave her a comment!

Here’s a bit extra info about Saye in her own words:

INFP Femme lesbian psychologist and SoulCollage® Facilitator. Happily married to the notorious Butch blogger, Dirt. Mom to 2 brilliant but quirky cats. Daydream believer, 4-leaf clover finder.

I’ve been perusing Saye’s blog for the past month or so, and I hope you will do the same!


Lavender Menace by Radlez

Why am promoting Radlez/Lavender Menace’s blog?

A gender-critical lesbian, she reblogs studies and articles criticizing the current trend that accepts gender as (mostly) defined by queer theory, and offers thoughts of her own. I particularly enjoyed her arguments about how to approach the subject. In her own words:

When it comes to activism, we need to critique the belief, not the believer. It is not about the actions of the individual. Individuals are subject to these ideologies and behave accordingly.

Critique the system, critique the ideology it produces. Focus on the base as well as the superstructure. Telling individuals that they their actions/believes are misogynistic isn’t helpful.

I love it when people take the time to address issues, rather than focusing on insulting.

Expect much more food for thought from Lavender Menace and go read her blog!

Coming-out stories

I love coming-out stories and I am very happy to promote them! this month, I have two stories for you: Fin and yepthisisreal. Show love and support to these brave lesbians, read their stories, comment and follow their blogs!

One last word

If you are a lesbian and would like to see your site or blog featured here, go ahead and leave me a request in the form below or send me an email at [email protected].

Till next month!


  1. Thanks! (Btw, I corrected my typos, oops) I love your blog and an honoured that you recommended mine.

    LikeLiked by 1 person

  2. Thanks so much! I am really enjoying reading your blog too and am so glad we found each other on WP. I already follow Lavender Menace too & I also recommend her blog, and thanks for introducing Fin and yepthisisreal too; I will definitely be checking out their stories!

    LikeLiked by 2 people


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