Part 3 – Page 48

Time for Shanti to face the truth!

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4 thoughts on “Part 3 – Page 48

  1. So in other words, things could indeed have developed quite differently…

    Voted on the update schedule poll. Other – as I’m fine with once as well as twice a week. Or initially twice and then slowing down to just once later on. The other way around, start with once a week and then speed up to twice, I can’t see any reason for doing it like that (maybe summer vacation time?), but still, that would work too.

    • Yes, Shanti would have killed Sekhmet in a heartbeat. And she would have been mad at Blitz, too.

      On the update, I’m noticing that the weekly option is winning, which puzzles me a bit. I thought people would want more, but maybe they are understanding of how much effort it takes creating comics πŸ™‚ anyway, thanks for voting! I think for now I’ll just work on a large buffer and then we’ll see!

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