September newsletter

Here comes the September newsletter, folks! Without much ado, here we go.

Current comics

The Green-Eyed Sniper continues! Blitz walks into Sekhmet’s hospital room and things get even more complicated… If you missed the latest page, check it out here.

And if you are a new reader… What are you waiting for? Read my comic from the beginning!

GES has now a rather large page on TvTropes! If you have any tropes to suggest, please let me know, or add them yourself (and then let me know)🙂

StArtFaire continues publishing GES monthly, 10 pages at a time. Read Part 1 or skip directly to Part 2.

Upcoming comics

The writing for Infected Blood continues! I completed an entire new chapter and wrote 75% of a second one. One more is in preparation (all written in my head) pant pant

I’m very excited about how this comic is turning out and, even if I still don’t have time to do any concept art for it (I need to finish GES and take care of some more stuff), I march on! It will happen, I promise🙂

On other news, I am releasing a very short episode of Orion and The Spawn from Hell between October and November.


I have received a few responses for my poll about how often you would like me to update Infected Blood. I invite more votes/comments, but so far the people have spoken in favor of once a week. I guess the main reason behind it is that you want to start reading it sooner?🙂 Not sure. Keep voting!

Trans Critical Blog promotion

In the past couple of months, I have come to realize that the gay and lesbian community has a severe issue that I believe requires immediate and continuous attention, as in my opinion it’s seriously damaging us: the transgender trend. I will say it upfront: I am happy and relieved that I was born a few years too late to get caught into the trend. As a child, I enjoyed running, climbing trees, playing with legos and doing a whole host of things that are stereotypically believed to interest only boys. I also refused to wear dresses and, later on, hated make-up with all my heart. I, too, was suggested repeatedly that perhaps I was really a boy, and I can only thank my family for never joining the strangers’ chorus in an attempt to convince me that I must really be a transgender individual. I cringe at the thought that, if I had been born a few years later, I would be at high risk of getting into the illusion and trap named the “transgender trend”, and my heart goes out to all the young lesbians and gays along with their parents who are caught into it.

So, this month I am promoting First, Do No Harm: Youth Trans Critical Professional. This blog hosts both professionals critics of the transgender trend as well as people being harmed by it, such as parents and detransitioners. See, for example, their post on gender indoctrination in young children or the one on gender activism in schools. If you are still not convinced or if you need more info, why not reading a detransitioner story? It gives me the chills to see what this girl has gone through and how much her once healthy body has been damaged. Please, check it out and give it some thought.

Coming-out stories

Coming-out stories are awesome! Read Meticulously Random‘s story to learn about the balance of losses and gains a lesbian may face when coming out and poppyjasmine’s post on the horrible reaction she got from her family when she came out. But don’t worry, both stories end well!

One last word

If you are a lesbian and/or a detransitioner and would like to see your site or blog featured here, go ahead and leave me a request in the form below or send me an email at [email protected].

Anyone else, feel also free to contact me with questions/comments by the same means.

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