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Current comics

The Green-Eyed Sniper is now at its most crucial point, with Shanti finally making a very important confession to her partner Blitz. How will Blitz react?

Did you miss the latest, emotional page? Check it out here. New readers may wish to start from the beginning.

Upcoming comics

Still working my way though the script for Infected Blood! I polished up a couple of chapters and I am still toying with one more (all in my head, for the moment).

As a reminder, I am also releasing a very short episode of Orion and The Spawn from Hell between October and November.

Trans critical art

At the end of September, I did this poster:

If you like it, feel free to use it/circulate, but DO NOT remove my copyright information and please be kind enough to let me know you used it. You may also link to my original post here.

Trans critical blog promotion

More people raise against the trans cult and its hormone fueled poisoning! A very powerful voice belongs to 4thWaveNow: A community of parents & friends skeptical of the “transgender child/teen” trend. Much of their work features psychologists and medical professionals discussing the dangers of transing young people, especially children. Their position is exemplified as follows [emphasis added]:

4thWaveNow frequently features posts […] that focus, often unflatteringly, on the activists and providers involved in pediatric transition. These people aren’t ogres who intend to bring harm to the young people and families under their care and influence. They undoubtedly sincerely believe they are doing the right thing. The purpose here, as ever, is not to demonize, but to shed light on the potential and actual damage done by the practice and ideology of “gender affirmation.”  Harms done not only to children and their families, but to the decades of progress achieved by the women’s and LGB liberation movements.

One such example is a post on Diane Ehrensaft, PhD, director and chief psychologist for the University of California-San Francisco children’s hospital gender clinic, pointedly criticizing her stances on transgender youth. Another very powerful post is Top gender doc dismisses 203 detransitioned women as not regretters per se, where they back up a detransitioner’s poll results (Cari) on detransitioned women against Dr. Dan Karasic, top gender specialist and UCSF psychiatrist, who dismisses pretty much the entire poll and its findings.

I really urge you to check out this blog and give these issues some good, hard thinking. We live in very strange times where a new type of delusional, irrational thinking is being pushed – the “feeling” of men who believe they are women (and women who believe they are men) – to the point that validation from society at large “must” be given unless we wish to be branded transphobic, bigots, or in favor of violence against trans people. No. Critical thinking has nothing to do with promoting violence and hatred. This is a new form of religion taking us back into awful, outdated and dangerous gender stereotypes while leaving behind a generation of confused, scarred, young lesbians and gay men.

Coming out stories

This month I’m promoting the story of Rachel. This is a rather emotional post, but, as all coming out stories should be, it’s also full of hope. Rachel sums it up beautifully:

If you are struggling to come out, please reach out to someone. Reach out to me, I am here. Coming out was the hardest thing I had to face as a teenager. I wanted to cry all the time because how can something that feels so right be wrong. But now I see it’s not wrong at all. If you are happy than that is all that matters. 

Give Rachel a shout out, stay strong, stray proud!


As always, if you are a lesbian and/or a detransitioner and would like to see your site or blog featured here, please leave me a request in the form below or send me an email at [email protected].

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