November Newsletter

It’s that time of the month again! A breezy newsletter for you, chock-full of news!

Current comics

The Green-Eyed Sniper continues with Blitz finally learning about her partner’s betrayal. We expected it to come, but how will she react?

New reader? You may start from the beginning and learn about the characters here. And if you wish… you can vote for your favorite character here!

And behold! I found a new hosting site called Becomics, tried it out, and loved it! And now GES has been featured there! Check it out🙂 This site allows to “animate” comics via simple, yet powerful transitions that really blew me away. I hope you will enjoy what I did for GES! As a matter of fact… please let me know by taking this poll:


Orion and The Spawn from Hell updated, as promised, and it’s a page in full color! This is my first semi-serious attempt at coloring, and, even if the results are kind of basic (I didn’t really experiment much, because this type of comic doesn’t quite call for that), I am rather happy with them. Seeing a page from my comics in color really gave me a jolt. I am very used to my B&W pages, and also proud of them, but I saw how much colors can add to art – if used properly.

Upcoming comics

The exciting news for Infected Blood are that I wrote a chapter previously all in my head and I am writing a further one… in my head, for now😀 So far, I have about 6 chapters more or less down, either summarized or scripted, and I’m starting to tie some loose ends. I’m so happy about this comic, I just can’t wait to share it with the world!

Other news

I am proud to announce that Sekhmet will have her own section called Sekhmet Reviews, starting 6 December, where she will share her thoughts about webcomics! But watch out, there is a spin to it: she may be completely drunk. Comic artists/creators, be warned!

Around mid-December, I will also start a new series of posts about hosting services where authors can upload their own comics. Having tried a good number of them, I find they all have several strengths and weaknesses, but in my opinion a couple of them offer best options to get traffic/readers. Interested? Check back in December!

GES has also been listed as one of the best comics with a robot on Best Webcomics! I am so proud of Assistant🙂 Make sure to follow that link, as it leads to a fun interview I did with Best Webcomics a year ago or so. Here’s the interview for your viewing pleasure.

Trans critical blog promotion

This month I am very happy to promote Dirt’s blog. This woman is one the most passionate, courageous and prolific blogger against the trans cult and pro-lesbian that I’ve ever had the pleasure to read. Her mantra is “Lesbian is its own normal”, and I couldn’t agree more. While she’s probably too radical to digest for most people, I would invite you to just talk to her: I have heard complaints about her being hard to discuss with, but I have yet to see how that’s the case.

In my opinion, one of the most useful post series is Trans Trending – Who is Transitioning, as it focuses on the actual face of transition. If you have ever seen pictures of young trans people on the web, you probably noticed how many of them look happy and healthy. But the reality is painfully shown by Dirt: in this series, she links to blogs of trans (female) kids who document their own transition, and the results are clear – none of them looks either happy or healthy. Check this out, for example.

You should really have a look at Dirt’s blog, it will be eye-opening!

As a final note, Dirt is Mrs. Dirt’s wife, whose blog I promoted here earlier this year.

Coming out stories

This month, while looking for nice coming out stories I ran into Shine Brightly’s post. This is a woman who is coming out after a soon-to-be-ended marriage and two kids. Her words, powerful and positive, and so very logical and emotional at the same time, are really striking. Although she hasn’t fully come out, yet, the way she is set on it is very inspirational, because it’s incredibly lucid and focused on her well-being. There are three mantras she repeats to herself that I am certain can help any lesbian who is still struggling to accept herself: feel the feelings, what’s in it for me? (a lot!), and shine brightly.

Check her blog out, and leave her a couple of supporting comments!

Till next time…

If you are a lesbian and/or a detransitioner and would like to see your site or blog featured here, please leave me a request in the form below or send me an email at [email protected].

I’m also gladly taking questions/comments by email or the form below.

Thanks for reading and don’t miss my November newsletter!


  1. Thanks for the mention of both Dirt’s and my blogs! We appreciate your support!

    PS: Would being “Mrs. Dirt’s wife” make Dirt “Mrs. Mrs. Dirt”, LOL? 🙂

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      1. Also wanted to add that Dirt isn’t actually difficult to approach, nor am I, but when someone approaches us with a string of obscenities, insults, and/or threats, that person then isn’t likely to get a warm-and-fuzzy response back. In that case, the comment will NOT be approved, but will be saved in case it’s needed later for reporting and/or to be used for fodder.

        LikeLiked by 1 person

          1. Lots of people spread rumors about Dirt that are total ridiculous BS. (And probably about me too but it’s tangential to Dirt).

            LikeLiked by 1 person

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