Introducing… Sekhmet Reviews!


Sekhmet has a secret: she reads webcomics. And she has something to say about all of them! If you wish to get a review from her, please follow the rules below.


  • A new review will appear roughly twice a month
  • First come, first serve
  • Sign up by sending a message to [email protected]
  • Check out the schedule below to find out when your comic will be reviewed (I will not contact you to remind you!)
  • All comics accepted, regardless of artistic/writing skills, SFW/NSFW, genre, B&W/color, subject matter, etc.
  • Send me one or more links to your comic
  • All comics MUST have a profile on Top Web Comics. Please, send me the link to your profile along with your request or Sekhmet will not give you a review! If you don’t have a profile there, please create it beforehand and then send me the link. I will add the link to my reviews – it’s a good way to get more visibility and votes on Top Web Comics!
  • WARNING: All comics submitted for review without a link to the comic or a TWC voting link will be automatically ignored (sorry folks, I don’t have time to keep track of everything)
  • Sekhmet will read up to 100 pages, starting from your first page. If your comic is longer than that, and you would like to have feedback on later pages, just give a selection of the pages you would like her to read. Once again, NO MORE than 100 total
  • Your comic must be at least 5 pages long. Please, wait until you have enough pages before sending your request. 5 pages are not much at all, but they are enough for artists/authors who want feedback about their comic’s start and potential
  • Sekhmet will talk about your art, but since she loves storytelling, her main focus will be your writing
  • If there is something specific you would like Sekhmet to look at, by all means go ahead and say so
  • At times (more than I’d like to admit), Sekhmet gets drunk: her drunk reviews are snappier, but also more fun. So… when you submit your comic, you run the risk of getting a drunk review!
  • If you are afraid to get your feelings hurt, please refrain from asking for a review: Sekhmet is very blunt and honest. She is really trying to help you, but she’ll tell you like she sees it, even when she’s sober
  • If you wish to comment on your review, please do so directly there. Comments sent to me elsewhere will not be shared, although I will definitely read them


6 December, 2016: Who is the Girl by carythehat
20 December, 2016: IMAGICA=verse by Zannen00
10 January, 2017: Aetherwar by vongcw
24 January: Wednesday by verakulikov
7 February: The Chronicles of Oro by Jewe11s
21 February: Hot Metal Miami by Hot_Coffee
7 March: Numb by niinasalmelin
21 March: Brujagh by pwh13
4 April: Void Child by TheVoidchildProject
18 April: Tyrant Webcomics by nerosmoke
2 May: Bite Madness by SirHellsir
16 May: Faction by factioncomic
30 May: Diskordia by nerosmoke
13 June: My Friends in Distantland by Down_the_Rabbithole
27 June: Kordinar 25000 by Miaubol

Not taking requests until further notice.

© 2016, Infected Blood Comics


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