December Newsletter

Wow, 2016 is almost over! I hope it was a good year for everyone. It was rather challenging for me, but I survived it. So, here’s my last newsletter until next year!

Winter Solstice contest

Did you miss the new contest? It’s easy and it’s got a great prize! You can win the last 5 pages of The Green-Eyed Sniper in advance! Check out the contest here, the deadline is 15 December!

Current comics

The Green-Eyed Sniper marches on with Blitz and Assistant leaving the scene and Shanti and Sekhmet left to talk about present and future. Did you miss the latest page? Here it is.

New reader? You may start from the beginning and learn about the characters here. And if you wish… you can vote for your favorite character here!

Upcoming comics

I finally started drawing the prologue for Infected Blood! It lasts 5 pages, down from the original 10. I felt it was too long and wanted to get faster into action. The comic has also an official starting date: 8 March, or International Women’s Day. I timed the beginning on purpose, because I want to celebrate all women of the planet šŸ™‚ I also added a countdown to the right. Needless to say, I’m super-excited!

Other news

Sekhmet Reviews has started in earnest and the first review was very well-accepted, brought in a lot of readers and a couple of comments. If you missed it, check it out here. You can also find the updated calendar for each review along with the rules for submitting comics here. I will release a new review every other Tuesday (although I will take a short break in January). Next review is due on 20 December. Don’t miss it!

For other webcomicers, I also just started reviewing webcomics platforms! First review was for Have a read at it here. Webcomic platform reviews will appear once a month, until I run out of platforms šŸ™‚

Blog promotion and coming out stories are canceled

I started this blog to promote my comics and, if possible, those of others. At some point, I deviated from my original intent by promoting coming out stories and trans-critical blogs. However, I now wish to refocus my blog on comics, first and foremost. I have other venues to support lesbians and help protect young people from the trans cult. So, you will not find coming out stories and trans-critical blogs here anymore.

Till next time…

Questions? Comments? Feel free to contact me by filling out the form below or send me an email at

Thanks for reading, Happy Solstice and a Happy New Year! See you in 2017 šŸ™‚

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