January Newsletter

Happy New Year again! I’m back with more news and comics.

Winter Solstice contest results

Congratulations to Miau, who won the last 5 pages of The Green-Eyed Sniper in advance! Jealous? Make sure to try the next contest (it will come, I promise).

Current comics

The Green-Eyed Sniper is reaching its end! The last page will be released on 6 February – I promise it will be a blast! If you need to catch up, read the latest page here. If you are a new reader, make sure to start from the beginning and have a look at the characters here. And if you wish… you can vote for your favorite character here!

Upcoming comics

Infected Blood is getting deep into my veins as I’ve already drawn over 10 full pages in black and white. I also started coloring the prologue, and got a couple of very kind artists to check on it, so you can expect the best!

Between the end of The Green-Eyed Sniper and the beginning of Infected Blood, I will be on hiatus, but I won’t leave you hanging! There will be a couple of guest pages and also an introduction post to Infected Blood, where you’ll learn a bit about the world of Kemet-Ra, where most of the story takes place. You will also get a couple of panel previews to entice you!

Other news

Sekhmet Reviews is a success and is also regularly featured on Top Web Comics! This is a very exciting collaboration with the best webcomic voting website that pushes Sekhmet to be even meaner more constructive and helpful to comic creators. Check out Top Web Comic’s Facebook page, give it a like, and make sure to read Sekhmet’s reviews to navigate the sea of webcomics without drowning! You can read a couple of reviews here and here.

As you can see at the right of the page, I set up some links to comics that present adult themes. Let’s face it: most webcomic readers are young and/or into stories for teenagers. My comics are definitely for adults (no porn, though, remember?). To reach this audience, I have set up a loose collaboration with other artists to promote comics for adults, by linking to each other’s work. I hope this list will continue growing! If you are a comic author who would like to join us, just use the contact form below or send me an email.

Disclaimer: a link on my website doesn’t mean an endorsement to a comic per se. This is a simple list to promote other artists who create stories for adults.

Till next time…

That’s it for January! As always, you may contact me with the form below or by email at [email protected].

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