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Welcome back! Ready for a quick and painless review? So was I, given that Wednesday7 by VikiKuli has only a little over 30 pages and nice art to boot. But the opening made my eyes pop out: the main character is on a bus to Creed City (I’m an atheist!) with a cat hidden in his luggage (I’m an animal lover!). Next, I glanced over the comic description – damn, it pretty much gives away the entire story. At that point, I was ready for some booze.

Drunk review

Yeah! A beautiful, dark bottle of Gold Star Labris and no ice. I’d happily share it with Merc, aka the cat smuggler, if it could put a grain of salt in his head. Seriously, man, why is little Benjy in that suitcase? Are you hiding him? Then why are you talking to him on the bus and on your way upstairs? Wanna get caught? Makes absolutely no sense. But maybe VikiKuli wanted readers to get a chuckle out of this, once he got out safe and sound. The cat is out of the non-proverbial suitcase, everybody!


Here’s (the) Merc

So, Merc is a country guy who moves to Greed… Creep… Faith?… Creed City!… for a better life. At the moment, he has a (to his surprise) furnished apartment in some shady building where renters are not even asked for an ID. Here, some nosy or maybe just friendly neighbor called Penn greets him by insistently knocking on his door, getting some kind of a shocking handshake (magic? Again???), and convincing him to go out. Is this all we get in 30 pages? No kidding.


Benjy – You gotta love this boy

I dig the art, it’s manga with some soul, Benjy is the cutest button ever, faces have very endearing and convincing expressions, and the characters so far are keeping me entertained, but scenes drag on for so long, it’s nearly unbearable. If it’s a stylistic choice, fine, nothing inherently bad with taking things slowly, but I would recommend to at least avoid repetitions. For example, there are three full pages of Merc looking for his apartment while following his phone GPS – could have easily been three panels.

What else can I say? I’d like to see what happens to Merc and Benjy, it’s getting intriguing, but that description has to go! It looks like the author is aware of the slow pace and/or repetitiveness of scenes and is trying to keep readers from leaving by telling them what’s gonna happen next, all the way (nearly?) to the end!

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