Part 3 – Page 70 – The End

So ends our story… If you enjoyed it, please leave me a comment. It really means a lot to authors when readers take a moment to say something appreciative. No need for anything elaborate, a simple “wow” would be enough 🙂 If you didn’t enjoy it, I welcome your thoughts, too.

It’s been a rather long adventure, started in the summer of 2015. I had a disproportionate amount of fun and excitement creating this comic, and seeing my readership and positive feedback growing on my site and my other mirrors has given me extra motivation to improve my art and storytelling. Let me remind you that The Green-Eyed Sniper was a pilot story, or an experiment, if you will. I am 99% self-taught, both as an artist and as an author, and I felt I needed to create a good foundation for my comicing passion, before launching into anything more daring. So, this “sho(r)t” story gave me a chance to make awful mistakes (especially artwise) and learn from them.

I will do my best to take everything I’ve learned and pour it into my next story, Infected Blood. Hopefully you’ve seen some art for it, and hopefully you are looking forward to it. You will see Sekhmet again, as she is the protagonist. But don’t worry, other characters from GES will cross paths with her again. I also can’t wait to introduce all my new characters – the cast is rather large, and I really hope they will provide countless hours of great enjoyment and a bit of food for thought, too. And how exciting is it that the comic will be in color?

I hope you will join me again in this next adventure, starting 8 March, on International Women’s Day. I picked that date on purpose, because much of my work aims at celebrating all women. The comic will update on Wednesdays.

Worried about being left in the cold until then? Don’t be! I will have guest pages up to keep you entertained 🙂 So, keep checking back in the coming days!

To all of you, my beloved readers, a big, large, huge, humongous thank you.


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