Sekhmet Reviews – The Chronicles of Oro


New day and new review! This time, I read a very cute and unthreatening comic for the late 2010’s, complete with a host of elves, humans with partly dyed hair, angels (maybe) and Kemonomimi! These are all characters I am personally fed up with, so I had to get drunk to stop noticing.

Drunk review

Look at this. Gorgeous art, beautiful colors. You can’t help but watching those panels over and over again, each time noticing more and more bits, especially the great lighting, that gives the comic a fairy tale ambience. And so I did, I got a bit lost in the details until I realized this comic has a well-crafted mix of manga and Disney stuff that will certainly entertain the young audience it targets, and I thought, wow, this author knows how to create a modern comic for the teen masses. Every element in this comic, from the variety of characters’ species to the mix of art styles, and to the story itself, with its very tame, politically-correct violence and uppity dialog, cries modernity. I’m waiting for the next twist: I bet there are aromantic characters, transmegagendered characters and all of that LGBTKRVREIREV stuff that is so popular in the webcomic world nowadays. Alternatively, the author will go the asexual route and just stick to fantasy. It all depends on how “far” s/he will push the envelope. Which doesn’t look like his/her aim, though – the comic is really neat and entertaining, but it’s not exactly breaking any ground.

This is a manga-like effect to show a pause for dramatic effect: just write down the whole phrase and draw vertical eyes

The story is full of well-known tropes (god-like kings fighting each other for no reason other than mutual hatred, a human girl ending up in a fantasy world, rebel teenagers, etc.), but it unfolds really well, thanks to the dynamic dialog (with some good humor), that solidly supports each character’s personality and takes the reader through the panels effortlessly. Even though pacing in general tends to (purposely?) drag (I’m not a fan of using multiple pages when you can use fewer), you can’t help anticipating the moment Juniper will get into the fantasy world. You want to understand why the elf twins act rebelliously and what the personalities of the other creatures are like. Action is fun and never messy – just look at how everybody is going crazy to pick up the diamonds that fell out of a small purse: it’s really entertaining. And wow, a dragon zombie! Can’t wait to see that (again).

Juniper entering a new world

Overall, The Chronicles of Oro looks like a great commercial operation for this day and age, it has every single type of character that will attract hordes of teens, it’s beautifully drawn and it features a story that won’t exactly shake the webcomic world, but it definitely works.

Read The Chronicles of Oro, vote for it on Top Web Comics, and have a drink on me!

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