Infected Blood: an introduction

Infected Blood is finally being released next week! Excited? I certainly am. Let me guide you a bit through this new comic.

Starting date: 8 March, 12 PM EST (mark it down!)
Updates: Mondays, 12 PM EST, all year-round, except for the month of August and the last two weeks of December, until completion


Why “Infected Blood”? Let me explain!

Sekhmet (the protagonist of this comic) belongs to an engineered all-female species called A.I.M.S. Due to spoilers, I won’t spell out the entire acronym for you, nor will I give much background information, but I will reveal that A.I.M.S. are despised by most humans. Rumor has it that minimal blood or sexual contact with an A.I.M.S. transmits all sorts of diseases – hence the disparaging nickname “Infected Blood”. Although completely false, this allegation is believed by the general population, who treats this species with fear and disgust. A.I.M.S. also possess a couple of special characteristics, such as an uncanny strength and the capacity to heal extremely quickly. It’s also well-known (and true) that A.I.M.S. have a second physical aspect, called A.I.M.S. form or A.I.M.S. shape. You can see a quick preview of that on this page, where you can admire Blitz’s eyes and a small part of Sekhmet’s face.

Characters, themes and main plot

Oh no! What happened to your dreads?

First off, if you are familiar with The Green-Eyed Sniper – A Sho(r)t Story, you will recognize Sekhmet, one of its main characters. For a while, she will look a little bit different (as you can see in the image above) and will have another name: Alexandra Armstrong. But don’t get confused! It’s all part of the plot 🙂

In a nutshell, the story focuses on how Alexandra/Sekhmet became the wanted war criminal we know from GES (here’s her basic profile). However, this description is highly reductive. Infected Blood is a thrilling sci-fi drama with a lot of psychological elements, action and romance. There’s specieism, war, politics, religion, and many adult situations. As a matter of fact, this comic is for adult (18+) readers only and it has several NSFW pages. Rest assured, though: no porn and no gratuitous violence to be found around here. Oh! And there’s humor, too!

Infected Blood has a large cast of characters. You can see a preview of some of them by browsing through The Art of Infected Blood. Here are a couple more:

Karen Sato
Mike O'Rourke
Mike O’Rourke

These two are Sekhmet’s friends and school mates. They will debut in Chapter 1. Other characters from GES may appear, but this is all spoilers, so I’ll stop 🙂

The world of Infected Blood

Ancient Egypt rules!

Set on planet Earth in a near future and a parallel universe, Infected Blood’s fictional world is largely dominated by Kemet-Ra, the most powerful, best armed and most technologically advanced country to ever have existed. Due to a very large influence of the ancient Egyptian culture that existed and expanded well beyond the time and space limits reached in our world, Kemet-Ra is entrenched in Egyptian architecture and motifs and all its citizens speak both a variety of Middle Egyptian (and write in either hieroglyphs or hieratic) and English. Formally a presidential democracy, Kemet-Ra is effectively run by the military through several alliances with politicians and the clergy of The Sacred Eye, the most influential and richest church in the world.

Located in an unnatural position, Kemet-Ra is nothing but a huge platform in the Atlantic Ocean, moving around according to strategic decisions such as avoiding other countries’ attacks or natural elements like hurricanes. Its citizens are carefully selected and subject to deportation if they are not able to meet the minimum gross income of 100,000 Heneket pro capita per year in an event called Purge of the Poor (POP). Kemet-Ra is at the very core of an alliance called Free World Federation (FWF), comprising other technologically advanced countries scattered around the globe. Outside FWF lays the rest of the world, called The Outerlands by Kemetians and FWF citizens alike. Kemet-Ra is formally at war with The Outerlands, allegedly because The Outerlands host terrorists.

See you soon!

I really hope I got you intrigued! See you on 8 March with Infected Blood! 😀


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