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Hey. Not in the best mood today. Time for a drink and a comic review. Good idea about the drink, because Numb depressed me. Keep going, don’t mind me.

Drunk review

Did I say I got depressed? I’m sorry, that was meant as a compliment. Numb grabs you by your throat and yanks you into a deep (and deeply) disturbing world. This comic succeeded in making me antsy, which is very uncommon. It’s a psychological thriller, possibly with ghosts (whether imagined or not), but that’s not what made me feel so uneasy. It’s the dark realism permeating it that struck me. Levi gets hit by a car – it’s almost as if you were hit, instead. Sue avoids discussing something disturbing to her – her pain is yours. A little girl (possibly schizophrenic) sees something scary – you are there with her, you are literally afraid she might get hurt. Two women are badmouthing a young girl with mental problems – you literally want to scream “Assholes!” to their faces. And so much more.


A little fly has something to say

The implied parts are even better – you can taste the anxiety and stark fear that comes with being bed-ridden or the intense desperation from keeping unsettling secrets. It’s all right there, in the characters’ extreme (but never over-the-top) expressions, the sharp dialog, and the wonderful choice of angles and panel sequences. The writing is so powerful, it just punches a hole in your guts and then sets it on fire. Mystery and horror unfold so masterfully, you just want to hide like a child under a blanket, take a deep breath and go back to your reading (from under the blanket, of course). It’s a generic you, mind you. I didn’t hide at all. I just read it as fast as I downed my bottles – fifteen minutes of pure dread with my eyes wide open.

Wanna hear about the art? I don’t like it. I hate water colors, characters’ anatomy is often weird, and at times there is some mangaish stuff that bores me to death. But you know what? Who cares? Niina is awesome at her craft, and she takes daring risks to convey tones and emotions by varying her panels and colors a lot.


A touch of manga kills it for me, but don’t let that stop you

The end result is truly effective, because you really feel like you’re there with the characters and you end up caring about them. You want to know why Levi can see ghosts, and why Sue can’t. You wonder if it’s all in their minds. You want to understand who this mangaish guy to the left is and why he’s haunting (?) Levi.

You’ll want to know more, but I’m not going to spoil it for you. Just brace yourself, get ready for a scary ride and go read this comic, now!

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And… look at this.

Sekhmet’s seal of approval

Since I subscribed to Numb, this comic has earned my seal of approval! You should subscribe, too!


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