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A sci-fi comic! Time to get drunk, then! Let me tell you about Brujagh by Parker Hamblin.

Drunk review

Remember I only read up to 100 pages for each review? For this comic, I was asked to check out the last 100 (pages 120 – 220 at the time of this writing). Which I did, except I couldn’t follow much. So, I went back to the very beginning to grasp at least the premises, and read another 100 pages. And then 20 more. In the end, I read the whole thing, and it was as pleasant to the eye as painful to the brain.


Here’s what I got from it: there is this girl named Sierra who is a cop, has lots of mommy issues, sleeps around with humans and aliens, gets drugged with paint, and then is promoted to detective. In between, there are some very nice fights and, throughout, very beautiful and atmospheric art. And drama, drama, drama, with some strange looking guy lurking in the shadow, his intentions still unclear. And much boring dialog that just sank the fun for me.


This is an example of completely useless, shock-value and infantile dialog.

It’s very clear the author has put a lot of work into this comic – world building is really nice and seemingly complex, with plenty of alien races in a very futuristic city. It’s a great treat to the eye. But scenes and situations are very repetitive. Once every X pages: a fight. Once every Y pages: Sierra is screwing someone. Once every Z pages: she gets hurt or someone else gets hurt or the mysterious guy pops up. All pages are quite powerful from a visual point of view (even if the author has changed style several times), but drama is so overdone and supported by such a long-winded, didactic and shock-value dialog that the whole story becomes stilted.

However! If you enjoy cop stories in futuristic settings, with plenty of aliens and occasional inter-whatever sex, this comic is probably for you.

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