April Newsletter

Welcome back! This newsletter comes a bit later than usual (it’s normally published on the 15th of each month), because I wanted to give a little room to Sekhmet Reviews last Friday. But here we are!

A bug is preventing Android users from seeing my comic updates

Alas, I just found out (along with WordPress’s support) that there is a bug preventing Android users from getting notifications of my comic pages on their WordPress Reader. So, if you’re on a smartphone or tablet based off Android, you will only get notifications for my regular posts (Sekhmet Reviews, Sekhmet Interviews, monthly Newsletters, etc.) and none for my Infected blood comic pages. This is horrible! WordPress developers are aware of it, so hopefully they will fix it soon. To avoid missing my updates, remember that my comic updates each Monday, 12 noon, EDT.

Current comics

Infected Blood‘s prologue completed! I would love to hear what you thought about it, so please take the poll below and leave a comment about your answer. This prologue is my first serious attempt at coloring and it’s the opening of the longest story I’ve ever planned, so I would really, really, really appreciate your feedback. Please, don’t forget to leave me a comment about why you did or didn’t enjoy it. Thanks!

Upcoming comics

I am still working on the collaboration I mentioned last month. At the moment, I am working on our website. Things are moving a bit slowly, but surely!

As you may remember, a while ago I participated in a contest calling for 3-page comics with a powerful impact. My entry was this (WARNING: NSFW):

I am now working on a horror/sci-fi anthology called Dynamic Spores that will feature my original writing and several guest artists. The comics will be mostly monochromatic and no longer than 15 pages. Updates will be irregular – basically, whenever I’m inspired to create a story and when I can find someone willing to draw it 🙂 Love Kills at Coffee Break will open the anthology, and the second comic (which I already wrote) will be a collaboration with Amalockh1 (Forever Yours‘s author). It will take some time (Amalockh1 is finishing up several projects), but it will be worth it! I am very excited about this comic, because it’s the very first time I get to be the writer with the luxury of a (very talented) artist – so much less effort, I must admit. I’ll keep you posted!

Other news

Sekhmet Reviews continues destroying comics mercilessly! If you never read her reviews, you should – it’s a, hmmm, learning experience on how to brutally smash something to pieces with plenty of honesty. Not to mention if comes with gallons of alcohol – or water, depending on Sekhmet’s mood. Check out her latest review here and make sure to keep an eye out for Sekhmet’s scorching reviews every other Friday!

Till next time…

That’s it for this month! As always, you may contact me with the form below or by email at

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