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Ready for a sweet and quick review? Here’s one for you about Tyrant Webcomics by Chris Ryahn et al. It’s definitely…


sekhmet-reviews_water_resThis is a collection of short side stories focused on characters from other series. At the time of this writing, only three completed comics have been published, all unrelated to each other. Given the briefness of the stories, I will disregard the usual scheme for sober reviews and keep it short.

General impression

Professional art supports a kind of humor that will not satisfy everyone, but it surely made me giggle. Aside from the second story, which I found to be rather pedantic.

Author’s description of the comic
A companion series to the comic books created by Chris Ryahn, featuring the side stories of Tyrant comics characters.


Nothing special to comment on – if you are interested, make sure to check out the main comics, but be warned that they are not free.


The author is a competent writer who knows what he’s doing. Pacing and plots are perfect, and dialog is frisky, efficiently supporting the twists and turns of the stories.

The Savage Swordsman: Night of the Swordsman opens the anthology to Tyrant Comics. In a dark alley, a woman is threatened by a robber – all she can do is calling out for a hero, and here he comes! The Savage Swordsman saves the day and kills the bad guy. Too bad it was just a set up that had nothing to do with anything heroic. This story was kinda fun.

Epitome of a Hero is all about a different kind of hero – an American soldier fighting in Afghanistan. Being a soldier myself, and knowing what a shitty lie war is, I found this comic to be plain propaganda with a possible touch of religious stench.

GUNFREE is a slightly longer comic, following a group of pacifists who try to fight zombies with a plunger. This was also a rather fun read and it has potential for a lot of hilarious situations.


Mostly top notch! The stories are drawn by a variety of pretty good artists. GUNFREE (drawn by Ivan Arnal) is especially professionally looking, with great black and white contrasts and many awesome, dynamic panels.


Tyrant Webcomics is a cool intro to the main stories by Chris Ryahn. If you like Western comics focused on wacky heroes and dark humor, you will likely enjoy these and you will consider buying from the main website.

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