Sekhmet Reviews – Bite Madness by Sir Hellsir


What the hell did I just read? Bite Madness by Sir Hellsir required me a couple of big gulps of Gold Star Labris, because I still don’t know what to do with this comic. So, here’s a…

Drunk review

gulps down half the bottle

What’s to understand about a zombie comic? The undead walk the streets growling “braaaaaaiiiiiins” while munching on human leg snacks. People run around screaming and the most resilient ones survive by joining a party that gets decimated along the way. The vibe so far is that’s more or less what you can expect from this comic, too, although not a single zombie looks like one. It’s more like biting monsters roaming the street of a nondescript city and the paths of a nondescript forest. We’re told in passing that some of them evolved into a smart version (not sure what that means), but how? Why? There are short flashbacks in the story, probably meant to reveal how zombies came to be in the first place, but they are so quick, it’s nearly impossible to tell what’s going on. The comic stopped updating months ago, which doesn’t help.

gulps down the rest of the bottle

Pi-Omega, the zombie-killing robot

So, we are left with two young zombie hunters, named X and Y (yeah… I know), who befriend a robot called Pi-Omega, and venture on a quest to kill all zombies. The trio joins forces with a father-daughter duo, who have monsters/zombies for pets. And then, bad people emerge from the past. That’s all there is to the comic, so far. Which has some decent, dark humor that’s a bit of a hit and miss (for example, Pi-Omega puts his dead creator’s brain into a squirrel’s head and slaps that on top of the creator’s body – the trick nearly works, and it’s kind of fun); decent art (I like the grainy filter); and fun characters, each with his/her own distinct personality (well done!), but it’s kind of disjointed as a whole.

If you are starved for a good zombie/monster story, you may check this comic out and maybe convince the author to continue it! With some storytelling adjustments, it may have something newish to contribute to one of the most tired genres ever, which would be remarkable. Let me know if that happens.


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