May Newsletter

Time for another newsletter! Let’s cut straight to the case.

I’ve got ads!

Yes, indeed. My traffic has gone up (thanks to you, my beloved readers!) to the point that upgraded my blog, giving me the option of monetizing it via WordAds. So, I turned them on. I realize that nobody likes ads (except for the ad owners), but as you can see, they are placed in a way that doesn’t break the flow of my comic, which I think is all that matters. I hope you will be understanding of my decision. My comics are free for you to read and I intend them to stay that way. Unobtrusive ads help me create for you while getting some money to cover for basic art expenses. Don’t forget that I don’t draw digitally: I use pencils, erasers, markers and high-quality, bristol paper. All of the above comes with a cost and it’s great to get a little extra income for it.

Another really good feature of WordAds is that you don’t have to click on them to help me. All it takes is visualizing them: every time you read a comic page or a post, you are already putting a little money in my pocket. And for that, you have my deepest, most sincere gratitude.

Some of you may have noticed that I don’t accept Project Wonderful ads any longer. I used to have a single box which, let’s face it, was even less obtrusive than WordAds, but it was also earning me close to nothing. So, that one is gone.

A bug is preventing Android users from seeing my comic updates

I am going to repeat this again from last month’s newsletter, just in case (since nothing has changed ever since).

A bug is preventing Android users (myself included) from getting notifications of my comic pages on their WordPress Reader. So, if you’re on a smartphone or tablet based off Android, you will get notifications for my regular posts (Sekhmet Reviews, Sekhmet Interviews, monthly Newsletters, etc.), but none for my Infected blood comic pages. This is horrible! WordPress developers are aware of it, so hopefully they will fix it soon (but no news, yet). To avoid missing the new pages for Infected Blood, remember that my comic updates Mondays, 12 noon, EDT.

Current comics

Young Sekhmet used to be called Alexandra. All will be revealed in time!

Chapter 1 of Infected Blood started in earnest with four young bullies and a poor girl who’s has the bad luck of falling in love with one of them. You can see what Sekhmet looked like when she was 16 and her name was Alexandra, her hair was freely floating in the breeze and her life was relatively carefree, but already full of alcohol (and drugs). I had a lot of fun with the interaction among these kids. They make bad pranks, they’re rough with each other and they’re far from the ideal teenager every parent would like to have, but, hey, that’s the story so far!

Upcoming comics

Remember the collaboration with other artists I mentioned last month? Well, I am going to be doing my part by the end of July. Everyone else is also working on their parts these days, and it’s really exciting to see our collective effort come into shape. I will keep you posted!

Dynamic Spores, my horror/sci-fi anthology with guest artists, will be soon enriched by a second comic, drawn by Amalockh1. Expect it around the end of summer. This is a special project, because it will be the first time I will have a story of mine drawn by another artist. Wow!

Other news

Sekhmet Reviews continues making heads turn and explode every other Friday! Take a look at her latest review, but don’t forget to get yourself prepared for her comic slaughtering impartial, yet a bit blunt thoughts. If you are a webcomic creator brave enough to ask for a review, head over here and fill out the form.

I did some fan art for a couple of artists, but since it hasn’t been released, yet, I can’t upload it. I will make sure to share it as soon as possible.

Till next time…

That’s the end of May’s newsletter! As always, you may contact me by filling out the form below or by email at [email protected].

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