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It’s hard to believe how fast time goes, isn’t it? It’s already June! Check out my newsletter, then 🙂

A bug is preventing Android users from seeing my comic updates

Sadly, I am going to repeat this again from last the past two months’ newsletters.

A bug is preventing Android users (myself included) from getting notifications of my comic pages on their WordPress Reader. So, if you’re on a smartphone or tablet based off Android, you will get notifications for my regular posts (Sekhmet Reviews, Sekhmet Interviews, monthly Newsletters, etc.), but none for my Infected blood comic pages. This is horrible! WordPress developers are aware of it, so hopefully they will fix it soon (but no news, yet). To avoid missing the new pages for Infected Blood, remember that my comic updates Mondays, 12 noon, EDT.

Current comics

Chapter 1 of Infected Blood continues with the introduction of a couple of new characters, and they are adults! Our teen pranksters get into separate arguments on their way to class and their teacher, Professor Russell, has to intervene. This is a minor character that represents everything wrong with bad teachers: he’s incompetent, doesn’t understand kids and is rather callous. Nothing good can ever come from this combination, as you will soon see.

The other adult character is Reverend Andrew Kevin Jones, a counselor appointed to Alex’s class to prevent juvenile delinquency from becoming an even larger problem. Born a secular country, with the admission of several persecuted groups from the Outerlands, Kemet-Ra has progressively become more religious. Kemetians worship different gods, rooted in a variety of traditions, mostly Egyptian, Roman and Greek. However, no religious organization is nearly as powerful as the Sacred Eye. Rev. Jones is a very ambitious member of the Sacred Eye’s clergy and he will soon mention the god he worships, called the Beholder. Each religious organizations has its own opinion about AIMS, as you will find out as the story unfolds. Here’s a sneak preview from next page.

Reverend Jones’s religious thinking in a nutshell

If you missed the latest update, catch up now!

What? You never read Infected Blood? What are you waiting for? Start from here 🙂

Upcoming comics

I’m still working on the collaboration with several artists I mentioned in the past couple newsletters. My friends are drawing their comics and I will get to them next month, as promised. Launch will take place in September!

Amalockh1 will soon get to the drawing board for the next installment of Dynamic Spores, my sci-fi/horror anthology. Expect it in late summer or early fall.

I have other exciting projects in the back-burner, but it is too soon to mention anything concrete.

Other news

Sekhmet Reviews is going strong, with a new, caustic review every other Friday! If you want a taste of her demolishing making suggestions to webcomic authors, check out her latest review. Don’t forget that you can test your bravery by submitting your own webcomic, if you have one, here. She will have fun tearing it to pieces giving her ever impartial thoughts.

Guest art for an artist is also coming up – stay tuned!

Till next time…

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