July Neswletter

Hear, hear, summer is here and the weather is awful in Montreal! This is the crappiest summer ever!… But it’s time for another newsletter, my friends.

Are you enjoying Infected Blood?

Please, take this poll, it’s very important to me!

I’m setting up shop!

You read it right! I am just starting out on Threadless, so you will find a single design for the moment, but it’s a cool one, and it comes on many products and in a variety of colors:

Tank tops! ($20)

Phone cases! ($26 On sale! $24)

Notebooks! ($12 On sale! $10)









And much more, like mugs, t-shirts, sweatshirts, etc. I have a bunch of stuff on sale, so, if you wish to support your favorite AIMS creator, go buy something 🙂 has a long e-sale tradition, they ship millions of items each year all over the world and they sell only quality products. Your purchases are safe with them and will help me create more cool comics for you. Win-win!

A bug is preventing Android users from seeing my comic updates

I can’t stop repeating this!

A bug is preventing Android users (myself included) from getting notifications of my comic pages on their WordPress Reader. So, if you’re on a smartphone or tablet based off Android, you will get notifications for my regular posts (Sekhmet Reviews, Sekhmet Interviews, monthly Newsletters, etc.), but none for my Infected blood comic pages. This is horrible! WordPress developers are aware of it, so hopefully they will fix it soon (but no news, yet). To avoid missing the new pages for Infected Blood, remember that my comic updates Mondays, 12 noon, EDT.

Current comics

I think Jones is a little envious of Alex’s successes with girls and women!

Infected Blood marches on! Reverend Jones just listed a series of stereotypes regarding AIMS and then plunged into a very direct attack to Alex/Sekhmet. Sadly, some of that is accurate. Keep on reading to find out what separates truth from bullshit!

Infected Blood’s latest update will be on 24 July. The comic will then be on a summer break, and return on 11 September. This will give me time to relax, catch up with other projects and work on a very much needed buffer, because I only have two pages left!

If you missed the latest update, here it is!

If you are new to Infected Blood, first, be very ashamed, and then read it from the beginning! Only then will you become a proud member of the coolest readership to ever grace a webcomic. What’s in it for you, you ask? For one thing, a comic that will always update on time and will have a conclusion. The latter is one of the most important, yet sadly awfully missing points about most webcomics. I am not going to be mean to other creators, but let’s face it: lots of webcomics either vanish or are never finished. While I do understand how tough it is to produce high-quality stories without expecting a dime in return, I also can’t stand this trend. It’s way too common and it just oversaturates the market. Finish your damn comic, already!

What else can you expect? Well, a sci-fi story with deep, engaging characters immersed in a huge world where religion, war and money dominate – a very nasty bunch, wouldn’t you say? And let’s not forget about romance, drama and plenty of surprises to come! Oh, and contests with fun prizes, like extra art or earlier, exclusive updates. How does that sound?

Upcoming comics

The collaboration I’ve been mentioning for the past couple of months continues and it’s looking really awesome! I am finally starting to do my part – just completed my first page and working on the second.

Dynamic Spores, my sci-fi/horror anthology, will be graced by Amalockh1’s work, as expected, in late summer/early fall! Really excited about this! with

I am also working on an anthology for ComicBookHour with a fellow creator named Aron Mason, author of Tales from Swipe City, which you should go read now! I will draw and edit the story, while Aron will write it and color it. The anthology is entitled POWER-UPS: Vilified. If you are a comic creator of any kind (writer, letterer, flatter, artist, colorist, etc.) , you may wish to participate, too! Submission deadline is 21 September. The terms can be found here.

Other news

Sekhmet Reviews is going on vacation until September – she needs a little break from all that drinking, after all. Water or alcohol, it was getting a bit too much.

Till next time…

There will be no newsletter in August, but you can certainly expect one for September. As always, you may contact me by filling out the form below or by email at [email protected].

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