September Newsletter

Welcome back, my friends! I hope you had an awesome summer, unlike mine, which was rather rainy and not really warm… But it’s time for our September newsletter, choke-full of exciting news!

Are you enjoying Infected Blood?

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A bug is preventing Android users from seeing my comic updates

Alas, I have to remind you again!

A bug is preventing Android users (myself included) from getting notifications of my comic pages on their WordPress Reader. So, if you’re on a smartphone or tablet based off Android, you will get notifications for my regular posts (Sekhmet Reviews, Sekhmet Interviews, monthly Newsletters, etc.), but none for my Infected blood comic pages. This is horrible! WordPress developers are aware of it, so hopefully they will fix it soon (but no news, yet). To avoid missing the new pages for Infected Blood, remember that my comic updates Mondays, 12 noon, EDT.

Current comics

Infected Blood is back from hiatus and tempers are flying high! I can guarantee you that the next few pages will be a riot. How far can human ugliness go? Is there any hope for a Country that values religion over reason? Can money be the only requirement to drive societies? Yep, that’s what’s awaiting you in the road ahead – and much, much more.

If you missed the latest update, here it is! If you are new to Infected Blood, the journey begins here!

Upcoming comics

Territorial Kissing

During a trip to Gaspesie (a wonderful area in Quebec, you should visit it!), I had a sudden inspiration for a silly, humor comic, so I started doing some concept art for it. I will start releasing it next year, but I can’t help sharing what I’ve done so far, because I am just too excited! The comic title is Territorial Kissing and it takes place on a secluded island… War for territory between two warrior groups alternates with silly situations and love! Here’s the banner:

Did you notice the change in art style? I wanted to go for some light and fun. Given the enormous contrast with what you are used to see in Infected Blood, and my own persona there, I now have an alter ego who will act as the author of Territorial Kissing. Her name is AnarchisTonsil, here she is:

If you are wondering if I look like her… Well, yes, I do. I have a mohawk and a little pony tail, plus the tattoos you see are very similar to the ones I have. Maybe my eyes are not that big, but my nose is tiny.

Upcoming anthology

Get ready for a wonderful anthology I worked on in collaboration with several talented artists! We will start releasing it next month. Here’s a teaser of a character of mine, simply called Young Woman.

Dynamic Spores

Dynamic Spores, my sci-fi/horror anthology, is still in the works with the help of Amalockh1!

Canceled project

Due to time constraints on my co-author’s side to the Vilified Anthology I mentioned in the last newsletter, I will have to cancel this project.

Other news

Sekhmet Reviews is back! If you missed her latest stomp, check it out here.

Till next time…

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