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I took a peek. I saw magic. “Not again”, I screamed in frustration! But then again, it’s always a good excuse to down some Golden Labrys. So, for Evil Witch Allie by Kristin Tipping it’s only natural to do a…

Drunk review

*Smashes bottle against the window of your screen* Do you know that a bog is? Me neither, until I read this comic. Let me elucidate you. A bog is a special black hole that swallows everything and everyone caught in it. Jake, one of the main characters, lives next to a lake that was taken over by a bog. Naturally, superstitious humans come up with the funniest or scariest ghost stories to keep themselves entertained, but “obviously” (cliche number one and, so far, the only one) there is some truth to these conjectures. Actually, much truth – as you will see when you read the comic. Because you should. You should read it and savor each page, because it’s written REALLY well. Seriously, it will make you forget that magic is involved, if that isn’t your thing (it worked for me). And you won’t see what’s coming that easily, because the mystery holds up well enough to keep you guessing (or maybe I was so drunk, my intuition went to sleep. Nah, really, the mystery is pretty good). You will learn about the bog through the eyes of Jake, see broken trust and the ups and downs of his blossoming love affection for Cal, laugh at the strange shenanigans of Allie, and slowly seep into a horror that will not let go of you until the beautiful, dramatic conclusion. That’s for the first story, which you should go read now. Off you go. Actually, wait to hear about the second story, which just started. That is as promising as the first one, with one of the funniest dialogs I have read in a while between Jake and Allie over her stolen grimoire. The characters show much potential and are endearing without coating your teeth with saccharin till they drop. Art is a bit conventional (I don’t know why every single person with training in animation draws this way. If that’s not Kristin’s background, then she’s a very good imitator of these particular artists), but it’s solid and can be very emotional at the right times.

What, you want to know more? That would be all spoilers! Read the comic already, it’s one of the best I have read in a long time, and it deserves my seal of approval!

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*passes out*

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