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Look, today my brain cells were challenged to the max, so I responded the best way I could (guess how…)! Here’s why I’m giving Motsuro Project by bobcat303 a…

Drunk review

Check out the art. The author seems very worried about it and has repeated disclaimers promising it will get better, but that’s odd, since the art is very unique, it seems all done by hand (lots of coloring, something rarely done traditionally anymore), and it reaches peaks of pleasantry that made me pause and take a prolonged look at the pages. Art quality is not the issue – it’s the quantity and the oddness of it. Many pages come across as beautiful wads of colors that you can savor as individual experiences, but not as a story. Being able to tell what’s going on is what gave my neurons quite a treadmill exercise, because characters are drawn with different hues from one page to the next and often the balloons are so large and placed so miserably, that they cover up entire characters’ faces. Still, I powered through it and I understood that there is some bouncing around from 2000 years in the past to the present day, maybe with two entire sets of characters – I can’t be 100% sure of that, due to the aforementioned wads and all. The focus, though, is mostly in the present, following the life of Dakota Wu, a kid joining a new school called Polaris High School only to run into a group of lost childhood friends. Her relationship with them is a mixed bag, and there’s the twist! The story also jumps from Dakota’s present day to her childhood past, showing her interactions with these friends. So, what’s the Mosturo Project in all of this? That’s a special Polaris High School project Dakota finds herself in, despite the fact she doesn’t have the grades to join the school. Want a spoiler? She’s about to become a superhero!

A rare example of cleaner art from Motsuro Project

I did a lot of interpretation and disentanglement work for you, so you should be grateful. You are very welcome. It’s not that I dislike this comic: I believe the author does have a story (multiple stories?) to tell and her/his art is truly unique, but it’s all coming across in a very confusing way. To the author’s defense, art becomes cleaner and clearer as the story progresses, so if you can forgive the messiness of most part of the comic and use the characters’ reference page to orient yourself, I would recommend giving Motsuro Project a chance.

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