Sekhmet Reviews – Nwain: The Knight Who Wandered Dream


Back you are, huh? Ready for more trouble? Great, you just found it. You know that when I see magic, I go for the bottle, right? I had my fair warning, this time, because the author of today’s comic review told me there would be magic. So, drunk I am for Nwain: The Knight Who Wandered Dream by Terrana Cliff.

Drunk review

Look, it’s animated! And it’s done well, not tedious at all, not even if you have to click on every single panel (sometimes even repeatedly). The art is extremely alive and expressive, it oozes with professional vibes. It’s just a beautiful experience to the eyes. We follow the adventures of Nwain, a knight who survived a horrible fire in her city, but is now an outcast, feeling unable to help those left behind. Nothing really new in this premise, but that’s always a good trope – finding one’s real self, fighting for the right cause, you know, all stuff I am quite unfamiliar with, but I’m sure it triggers you humans real good. There’s also some (unwanted) time travel thrown in to confuse our poor character. And then there’s humor. The good kind, the one that actually makes you laugh or at least smile. All is nice and quite enjoyable, until a creepy feeling sets in and then grows exponentially, as a bunch of absolutely unnecessary lectures on gender pronouns are thrown around at random. That makes the story very postmodern while essentially killing the fun and any meaning to the comic. Imagine being at a birthday party, where everyone is laughing at videos of people falling flat on their butts and cats calmly riding Roombas while slapping anything within their reach. Suddenly, a priest pops up on the screen and sternly explains the danger of pre-marital sex. Yes, that’s the feeling you get with the comic. Characters are so worried about delicately asking for each other’s pronouns that everything else nearly falls in the background: Nwain’s struggle to understand the new world she is in, potential wars she may cause if she makes even a little mistake, hidden conflicts… Everything seems to be so tiny as compared to pronouns! This is so unbelievable that I am really hoping it’s all a joke and the comic will eventually make it clear. If not, well, congratulations on the propaganda pushing! If you can stomach the gender gabbadoodle that’s been pestering society since Judith Butler caused large part of academia to turn into absolute ridiculousness, this comic is for you. Everyone else may just enjoy the art. Check out Nwain: The Knight Who Wandered Dream and vote for it on Top Web Comics! © 2017, Infected Blood Comics infectedbloodcomics.com Webcomic creators! Ready to get you precious creation destroyed reviewed by your favorite Kemet-Ra officer? Follow this link to submit your comic!