Chapter 1 – Page 11

I love it how ineffective, callous and slimy Jones is and how enthusiastic Russell is about it. We also finally learn a bit about AIMS (the species to which Alex belongs), although from the most negative perspective ever. Jones is part of the mainstream doctrine within the Sacred Eye, according to which AIMS are an abomination that will create more distance between humans and their god, the Beholder.

All cultures have groups for hateful “entertainment” and often religious organizations spearhead the “fun”.

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4 thoughts on “Chapter 1 – Page 11

  1. Wow now he’s a racist too… and on top pretty enthusiastic about it D:
    Oh no, “figure out how to help you”, that’s the very special way of evil used by those who claim to be “the good” D:

    How can I not hate that guy?

    • To be precise, he’s a speciest (although I’m sure he’s a racist and likely a homophobe, too). I agree, he’s using the “let me help you” strategy for his own purposes, which, according to him, are the good of humanity, but in reality… Probably something else. Hard to not hate that guy, indeed.

  2. While I’m not usually one to shy away from philosophical or teleological debate, I have a feeling that this guy isn’t really open to that. It’s sounds less about whatever doctrine he’s following and more about just putting others down to make himself feel big. And maybe the stature of Sekhmet makes him feel an even greater need for this?

    • For sure this reverend has issues and isn’t interested in a real discussion with anyone. Even his “help” to the human kids was laughable and ineffective. It’s all about power over others, as you said. You’ll learn more and more about AIMS and perhaps you will see why humans are concerned about them, but I think you’ll likely won’t change your mind about him.

      About Sekhmet’s height: she’s 1.98 m and naturally muscular (no need for steroids or gym!). That’s enough to put to shame any guy with any kind of size issues for sure 😁 But I would say that Jones is not too worried about that (he’s around 1.80 m). It’s Russell who’s got that kind of problem, being very short…


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