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Dear readers,

Welcome back! I hope your summer was hotter and drier than mine. We had much rain in Montreal, with relatively low temperatures, and that didn’t help recharge my depleted vitamin-D batteries. I guess I’ll have to take a few trips to the Caribbean in the coming winter. For those of you who failed their geography classes, Montreal is only three to five hours away from there (depending on the final destination). It is quite common for us people living in this quarter of the world to travel to the Caribbean (or Mexico or other hot destinations relatively close by) to get some sun on our bodies. It’s very important to do that, otherwise we may get depressed from lacking vitamin D. Luckily, prices are not too bad!

Anyway, enough with complaining, and off we go with Infected Blood! The story so far: Alex is a 16-year old girl who hangs out with a group of juvenile delinquents. She is also an AIMS, a special species created by humans centuries ago for purposes not yet fully revealed. She also has a tendency to never keep her mouth shut, which obviously gets her in trouble, but this time the consequences seem to be very risky for her. Professor Russell, her chemistry teacher, ends up tasing Alex after she snaps at Reverend Jones, a newly-appointed counselor to her class with a clear hatred for AIMS. Alex reacts by grabbing the teacher by his collar and lifting him up…

On today’s page, more people intervene to help, but whose side are they on?

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  1. Yay it’s back! Sorry about all the rain but I hope your break was refreshing! The reverend continues to be the biggest dick staffed at this school! If he is indeed staffed…


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