2 thoughts on “Chapter 1 – Page 16

  1. Huh, that’s one consequence but probably not the one you were referring to. I’m guessing Sekhmet isn’t going to just leave this be?

    Two things I really like about this page:

    1 – the motion on the Reverend’s weapon. Both the sort of “blurring” effect in the first panel and the twist of the baton really captures the speed at which he strikes.

    2 – Sekhmet’s eye in the second panel makes me think of the eye of Horus/Ra and is very in style with the Egyptian theme of he comic. Makes me wonder whether this was a conscious choice for the design but it’s regardless a great touch!

    • Sekhmet is definitely not going to look the other way!

      Thanks a lot for your kind words 🙂 I worked hard on that motion effect, because I have no idea how it works! I think it turned out good enough, though. As for Sekhmet’s eye, that was unintentionally in line with the Egyptian theme, but nevertheless I agree with you that it does go well with it! The main point for me was to show her amazing reflexes, which are triggered precisely by her eyes noticing motion incredibly well… But due to spoilers, I’ll stop here 🙂


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