Chapter 1 – Page 20

Oh no, the page is in black and white! Not to worry, I’m adding color soon. Last week I was insanely busy, so I had not time for coloring. But I have news for you: I created this page entirely on my PC! Yes, I got myself a drawing tablet and now I’m going fully digital!

As anticipated, KeReS means business and they are as speciesists as Reverend Jones, who finally got what he deserved.

6 thoughts on “Chapter 1 – Page 20

  1. Way to drop that brand! ^_^

    And what have you been drawing on before? I assumed it was a tablet? I did, like, the first 40 pages something of my comic on an iPad actually and switching to tablet was a MAJOR difference! Confusing at first, but once I got the hang of it I had so many more options. ^_^

    • Oh, I’ve been drawing traditionally and colored digitally with a mouse on Photoshop! Now I bit the bullet and switched to a Cintiq 13 HD. What a world of difference. What tablet do you use?

      • Ops, excuse my late reply. I’m on a Wacom Intuous medium sized. I use a laptop for my drawing (for space) but it has a decent 17″ screen so I’m mostly good.

        • That’s pretty cool! I used a Bamboo tablet for a bit, but my problem is that I just have a hard time drawing on a surface while looking at a screen. It looks like you can do that, more power to you! It’s cheaper and results are great, anyway.

  2. Oh man such idiots.. “Pretending you give a damn”.. well, quite obviously, they don’t.

    Looks like Mr. Slimy Guy got a lesson. But I fear he’ll seek revenge, some sort of really nasty revenge D:

    • It’s ironic, isn’t it? They are so focused on her, they don’t even seem to care about the wounded. I mean, there’s two of them and neither one is calling an ambulance. And neither did the school’s security. And neither did the professor. Shall I continue? It’s a very fucked-up world (alas, it’s definitely modeled after ours).

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