Check out The Green-Eyed Sniper – Part 2 on The Syn-thology!

So, here’s the whole story about The Green-Eyed Sniper. I started this series as an assignment for a couple of comic classes. Part 1 came from my first class, and it was a 3-page story (page limit was imposed) that had been brewing in my mind for a while. Part 2 came about by similar means, another class for which the assigned limit was no more than 10 pages. Part 3 will come free from these limitations, and will last roughly 40 pages. It will also have more character development – finally.

You can read The Green-Eyed Sniper – Confrontation (AKA Part 2) on the anthology from the class I took. Just click on the image below.

And remember, Part 3 starts again on 24 August!

Synthology Volume 1

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