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Date Posted: December 9th, 2017, 11:46 am

Author Notes

Russell has gone a little overboard with this, but fear can make you do very stupid things. Yes, he's scared to death by Alex, worried about what she may do, and now he'll have to face the consequences!…

When I was 13, a classmate of mine pushed to the ground and punched a professor for taking his handheld videogame away, saying she would give it to her own children. She was not a loved teacher, and she was way out of line, of course, but when the confrontation escalated, I felt bad for her. I can still see him making her trip, her flying up in the air, her skirt going all the way up to her chest and those awful white underpants with little hearts and flowers… He got a 2-month suspension and she stopped wearing skirts in class.
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