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Date Posted: February 12th, 2018, 11:00 am

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As Gordon drives to see Alex, we hear about poor Martha and her awful feeling of betrayal.
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A few things, and I realize my focus is a bit off. But what is that television announcers outfit all about? And the safey issues of driving with screens in their cars! And I really like the design of this (shopping) district? The doors especially because they appear hieroglyphic in design.
@David: These are all great questions and observations, thanks for noticing!
TV announcers, as you can see, tend to be flamboyant. I took a little bit of inspiration from Venetian masks and mixed it up with an Egyptian, but also a futuristic style. Those are the results :)
As for the car, Kemetians like to be afraid of everything, even though crime is extremely low, so they try to protect themselves whenever they can.
This building is actually KeReS' North-East Detention Center, where Alex was taken after her arrest. You can see the vultures, symbols of the KeReS, next to the neon signs. As for the doors, yes, I went for something that may look like hieroglyphs, but also abstract and a little random. However, there is one actual hieroglyph, which is is the yellow and blue feather. That's the symbol of Ma'at, goddess of justice. It may be strange to have the symbol of justice next to a police station, because police and judicial systems are supposed to be separated, but things are not exactly like that in Kemet-Ra...
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