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If you missed the latest episode of The Green-Eyed Sniper, you may enjoy it here.

Last two weeks have been very busy for me, as I entered a contest. If you haven’t seen it, yet, please have a look, and, if you like my comic, don’t forget to vote for me (instructions are in the post linked above). It’s a very strong story about domestic violence. If I win this contest, I will share a special drawing with you!

Poll time

In other news, my very first poll is now closed, the votes are in, and the people have spoken! So, who’s your favorite character? The winner is… Shanti! With twice as many votes as Sekhmet’s. Let me tell you that this came as a surprise. While I’m certain that Shanti is a very likable character, I didn’t expect she would be preferred over Sekhmet to such an extent. At any rate, I am listening. What I wanted to learn from you with this poll was how interested you were in my characters, especially these two – and now I know that Shanti is indeed very much loved, so you will see her sooner than I planned for in the future. Don’t forget that The Green-Eyed Sniper is a pilot comic, and its characters will appear elsewhere!

And now, for another poll! What if I colored my comics? Would you like that or not?


New comics

I am very happy to introduce Forever Yours! This is a horror comic I drew and lettered in collaboration with Amalockh1, who wrote the story. He is the author of a really creepy comic called Armless Amy. Don’t forget to check out his comic, and come back for more Forever Yours every Friday!

In March, it will debut a new, short story called The Pa(r)tly Animal! This is a rather special comic that will illustrate a bit more of The Green-Eyed Sniper’s world. I am very excited about it, as it’s a project that’s been in the making for a while and it’s got twists!… You’ll see :) It will update weekly.

Also, announcing Orion and the Spawn from Hell, a new comic that will debut in April! I am quite thrilled about this comic, as it will feature stories that speak directly to those of you who, like me, don’t want children and have been given a very hard time for this choice for most/all of your lives. Parents, siblings, significant others, friends, even random strangers – lots of people seem to have a hard time understanding that those of us who don’t want children are not immoral monsters, suspicious weirdos or pathetic human beings with neither a life nor love to give, but just regular people who simply don’t want children. Period. There will be a new, complete short story once every two months. More about this in the near future!

New sections added

I am very pleased to announce the addition of two new sections! Guest Art, where you can find art I did for other comic creators, along with a link to their works, and Fan Art, hosting art that other creators kindly did for my comics, once again, with links back to the authors. Both sections are divided into two parts: SFW and NSFW. You have been warned!

Here are all the relevant links:

Guest Art (SFW)

Fan Art (SFW)

Guest Art (NSFW)

Fan Art (NSFW)

Another word about the NSFW stuff. As stated in my Welcome page, I do not draw or feature porn. I find it boring and uncreative. However, I do welcome (and draw) sex between consenting female adults, which is what you will often find in those sections. Remember: if you are a minor and/or if you are offended by any of this, please stay away from those sections and, more in general, from my comics.

Other blogs

I need to thank several people for their likes and visits, but for today, let me introduce you to just one blogger.

Her name is Elyssa Tappero, author of Only Fragments. She has been visiting and liking my comics quite often, and has very nice pagan poems in honor of lesbian love and Bast. Sekhmet appreciates that! Check her blog out!

That’s all for today! Enjoy reading some comics, take my poll and just have fun and spread the infected word!



Forever Yours Cover
This story was written by Amalockh1, author of Armless Amy, and drawn and lettered by yours truly Infected Blood.

Updates Fridays!

This beauty had been drawn by toherrys! Check out her great comic, Unknown Lands!


















And this awesomeness is courtesy of ratt! Enjoy his unique style in his comic, Fire in the Belly!Sekhmet_and_Shanti_by_ratt



















Fan art from around the world!

Sekhmet by keiiii
Sekhmet by keiiii

Sekhmet by abigailkbacilla
Sekhmet by abigailkbacilla

Shanti by biffboff
Shanti by biffboff

Shanti and Sekhmet in the morning by TAMAnnoying
Shanti and Sekhmet in the morning by TAMAnnoying

Sekhmet by kanisgir
Sekhmet by kanisgir

Shanti by mosske

Sekhmet by stephanielopez
Sekhmet by stephanielopez

Sekhmet by Jrej
Sekhmet by Jrej

Sekhmet (bottom) by andres8ol
Sekhmet (bottom row) by andres8ol

Zombie Sekhmet by Emma Dilemma
Zombie Sekhmet by Emma Dilemma

Sekhmet by yartzanaserenade
Sekhmet by yartzanaserenade

Shanti and Sekhmet by Eggie
Shanti and Sekhmet by Eggie

Sekhmet by Sarah
Sekhmet by Sarah

Blitz by Dodom
Blitz by Dodom

Sekhmet and Gwenna by Jay042
Sekhmet and Gwenna by Jay042

Sekhmet as Lust by azurextwilight
Sekhmet as Lust by azurextwilight

Sekhmet by Gabby Good
Sekhmet by Gabby Good

Sekhmet and Shanti by Memoria Caelestie

Please support the kind authors of this fan art!

keiiii: Heart of Keol

abigailkbacilla: Queen Crackenart

biffboff: transUman

TAMAnnoying: Official website

kanisgir: Nekoboys

mosske: Oneirology

stephanielopez: Shadowed Life

Jrej: Shades of Men

andres8ol: Room for Improvement, Fetch Quest

EmmaDilemma: Touch of the wicked

yartzanaserenade: Threnody

Eggie: Crayon Drawlings

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Dodom: Fairy Dust

Jay042: Kaza’s Mate, Gwenna

azureXtwilight: Re:Set

Gabby Good: Die Erste Liebe

Memoria Caelestie: Diexemor

It will happen, I promise!…

Here are Sekhmet with May Flower from a fun exchange I had with Shannon! If you like cuteness with a touch of goth, go ahead and read her comic Zack Dragonblade and the Excalites!Alph
This cool guy is Alph, from Miaubol’s Kordinar 25000. Check this comic out, it’s a really unique sci-fi story with believable time travel, adventure and lots of politics! A true gem I highly recommend.


Fellow readers, bloggers and random people who just stumbled upon my site!  Here’s an announcement for you!

I will be slightly late with my next update (but don’t worry, I won’t be too late), because I’ve been busy with a comic contest on Webcomics.it, an Italian comic hosting site. The rules are simple: create a story of exactly 3 pages, focused on current events, with deep characters in a believable setting, and give it a punch-to-the-gut ending. Importantly, the story should get people to think.

You can see my comic here, along with its translation (not much to translate, really…). If you like it, please vote for me, by going to my contest page, and clicking on the green hand. The contest ends on 29 February, so please make sure to vote before the deadline!


Thank you very much for your great help! If I win, I will make a special drawing to celebrate with all of you!


The site has been fully revamped and the page order of The Green-Eyed Sniper has been cleaned up!

I am very excited of what’s to come: as the adventures of Shanti and her love triangle continue, three more comics are in the making. I will start releasing them this spring.

In the meantime, I would love to hear from you how I am doing, so I would really appreciate it if you would take a moment to answer my poll below. This will help determine the direction of my future comics! So, who’s your favorite character?


If you also have comments or questions, please use the form below to contact me.

Thank you ans stay tuned for more comics and new additions to the site! And don’t forget to spread the infection!