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I am taking your questions! Use the form below to submit them. If you are a comic artist and would like a link back to your comic, go ahead and say so. The link will appear connected to your name on this page.

AlphaEmerald: Why exactly is your name InfectedBlood? is it like something about HIV or other diseases?

Both Sekhmet and Shanti belong to AIMS, a species many people call “infected blood” out of fear. Rumor has it that receiving a blood transfusion from an AIMS will kill any homo sapiens, but it’s untrue. I side with the gals, and I wish I was an infected blood like them, so that’s why I use it.

andres8ol: What would you do for a Klondike bar?

I’d be happy to pay for it an extra buck, if I have to!

andres8ol: Are eyebrows considered facial hair?

Google says no, and I have no reason to doubt it.

andres8ol: if money doesn’t grow on trees then why do banks have branches?

I bet banks came up with “branches” precisely to convince people that miracles can happen. Bring us your money, it will grow on our trees, it’s magic!

andres8ol: If vampires can’t see their reflections how do they look so well-dressed?

They probably try their clothes on corpses, before wearing them. (You’re strange)

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