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Humans! You know that life is too short, right? Sure you do, otherwise you wouldn’t fantasize about immortal creatures (like any of the gods you worship) and you would never end up with the latest repeat of vampire comics/movies/insertnamesofproductshere. To me, Dracula hit the highest, bloodiest vampire note and nearly everything else after that was pure crap, so I had to get the courage to read yet one more story about the subject. How did I do that? Rhetorical question! By promptly emptying two bottles of Golden Star Labris, of course. So, my review of The Turning by Natasha Troop (writing) and Gabi Rodriguez (art) is going to be a…

Drunk review

The comic starts on a rather common premise: vampires used to hide from humans, biting them “discreetly” (quote from the comic – I have no idea how anyone can do that without being caught for centuries, but let’s pretend one more time that it’s possible), and never really hurting them. However, here comes the slightly different twist: some vampires decided to turn humans into their own, just for the heck of it, which originated chaos, since the new vampires went rapidly out of control. And now, all the good vampires protect humans, who are confined into their own safe zones and (perhaps in return) make fake blood for vampires. Among the humans who underwent the transformation shines through Allen, a former Catholic priest and now a cop. His constant restrain and obvious self-loathing for having become “an affront to God” (another quote from the comic) is counterbalanced by his partner Ethan, a vampire cop that’s been around probably since the Big Bang, with all the boredom (and snootiness?) that comes with the package.

Allen and Ethan discuss Australian politics

To date, The Turning has almost 80 pages, which is quite a bit, but alas, not much has happened. We saw the premise, we enjoyed the stark contrast between the main characters, we are also seeing some promising world building, and I think something is about to happen, given that a couple of new characters have come around, but why is everything so slow? It’s very common for authors who can’t write (or have no ideas) to do just that: they come up with 10 pages that regular writers would reduce to 2. I am not sure this applies to Natasha, since I do believe that she has a story to tell, so this is puzzling to me. I also have a hard time following what happens, at times. I had to read the pages where Allen is attacked and turned into a vampire several times, before grasping what was going on. I needed to watch Allen and Ethan side by side quite a bit, because I couldn’t tell them apart. And yikes, I just can’t read the font. And I tried all of the above while I was sober, too!


In conclusion! We have nice, although stiff and slightly confusing art, a bit of a draggy story and a not-so-trite premise. The strong differences between the two main characters carry the comic convincingly, and, as more characters enter the fray, and more of the world is revealed, I have hope that the story will pick up (and pick up the pace) well.

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