October Newsletter

Dear readers,

As Montreal is being graced with leafs turning red, yellow and brown (and falling all over the place), I am taking a vacation,  but not before releasing my October newsletter – and it comes a bit earlier than usual!

Website revamp

Now that is allowing to load (a few, selected) plugins, I am finally able to get rid of the abysmal, ridiculously buggy Panel theme to switch to a better one, and to create an improved navigation experience for you, my readers. This is planned for sometime at the end of October/early November. Please, be patient when time comes, as site hiccups will likely occur.

Current comics

Alas, I must take a brief hiatus. Although I did plan to release new pages while on vacation, life simply got too busy, so my Infected Blood buffer is down to zero. This upsets me a lot and I do want to apologize to all of you. If you’ve followed my work long enough, you should know that I simply don’t miss updates, and I am very proud of it. But what happened lately (health issues in the family and a new job for my wife) could not be foreseen, it had an impact that I could contain for an entire month, and eventually it just overwhelmed me. The good news is that Sekhmet Reviews will continue as planned (you just can’t deter her from tearing webcomics to pieces! See more below) and this newsletter is also being released, as you can see 🙂

Meanwhile… Infected Blood continues its descending spiral into chaos. Is Karen really dead? Will Alex get into even more trouble? And where is Russell running to? Don’t miss the new updates, returning on 23 October, 12 PM ET.

If you didn’t pop your eyes out on the latest page, yet, here it is! If you are new to Infected Blood, the journey begins here!

Upcoming comics

Territorial Kissing

I made some tragic trading cards with some of the characters! Eventually, they will grow into an entire deck which I will very likely sell 🙂

Upcoming anthology

Out anthology is almost ready! Check back again for exciting news at the end of the month! If you missed the preview of the main character of my comic, here she is again.

Dynamic Spores

The new installment of Dynamic Spores, my sci-fi/horror anthology, is finally taking shape. Amalockh1 just sent the first, amazing sketches of the story I wrote. It’s entitled Nghiamwise. Weird name? Care to find out what it means? It will be a real challenge! More news next time.


Other news

Vacation or hiatus, Sekhmet Reviews continues! Check out her latest, drunk crazy review of a vampire story here, and don’t forget that a new review will be out on 13 October!

Till next time…

That’s all for this month. As always, you may contact me by filling out the form below or by email at